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Want to convert HEIC to PNG on Windows 10/8/7 or Mac computer? HEIC is a fresh new image format developed by Apple, which allows users take high-quality photos on their iOS devices in iOS 11 or above while saving the image size. With HEIC format, people can now take a lot of photos, not worrying about the device space, as HEIC is smaller than PNG or JPEG with owning higher quality. However, images in .HEIC format cannot be viewed on Windows or Mac computer directly. And many iOS users are searching for ways to convert HEIC to PNG. This post is prepared for you, offering a useful method for converting HEIC to PNG on Windows 10 or Mac.

What is HEIC?

HEIC is also known as HEIF (High-Efficiency Image Format) built on the HVEC video technology, which has the capability to produce sequence images, not similar to the PNG format. HEIC images are special for iOS 11 devices and they need a third-party program to open and preview on Windows, Mac, Android etc.

Useful HEIC Converter to Convert HEIC to PNG on Windows 10 or Mac

As an all-in-one HEIC converter, UFUSoft HEIC Converter for Windows 10 or Mac provides you with a professional platform from which you can get a big surprise. With a clean interface, not only can it convert HEIC images to PNG, but also it can offer you more attractive output formats, including PNG. It enables you to finish the whole conversion process within just several seconds. Considering multiple HEIC images will need to be converted at the same time, UFUSoft HEIC Converter can support conversion in batch aside from the common conversion way, converting single photo at a time. What’s more, it is well developed to adjust output parameters and choose output format. What are special points of UFUSoft HEIC Converter is that you can tick three options, outputting all images, keeping aspect ratio or keeping Exif information. The most important thing is that when you use UFUSoft HEIC Converter, your private information will be protected well without uploading it into iCloud.

Supported OS: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 (Windows version); Mac OS X 10.8, 10.9, 10.10, 10.11, 10.12 Sierra, 10.13 High Sierra, 10.14 Mojava(Mac version).


Be easy to use
Output all images
Keep aspect ratio
Convert HEIC to PNG
Convert all kinds of HEIC
Preserve EXIF information
With fast conversion speed
Without damaging original images
Protect private information well
Customize image quality in your way
Convert HEIC to PNG
Convert HEIC images individually or in bulk easily
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Trail version only support 10 heic files conversion

Download HEIC Video Converter for Windows:

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Download HEIC Converter for Mac:

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How to Convert HEIC to PNG on Windows 10 or Mac with HEIC Converter?

Step 1. Download and install HEIC Converter on your Windows 10 or Mac computer. If you want to convert HEIC images on iPhone, iPad or iPod, you need to connect your iOS device with computer

Step 2. Click the Add HEIC button or directly drag HEIF/HEIC files to the program. For HEIC photos from iOS devices, go to “This PC\Device Name\Internal Storage\DCIM”.

Convert HEIC to PNG or JPG/JPEG on Windows or Mac

Step 3. Your HEIC photos will be loaded and displayed in the interface. Select HEIC files you want to convert to PNG format.

Step 4. Choose PNG as the output format, check “Keep Exif Data” if you want, and set the output path. In addition, this program also support converting HEIC to PNG.

Choose the output format (PNG or JPG/JPEG)

Step 5. Finally click the Convert button to convert HEIC to PNG or JPG/JPEG on Windows 10 or Mac.

convert HEIC to JPG/JPEG or PNG

Step 6. When the conversion is completed, click the “Open folder” button to view your PNG images.