How to Turn an Animated GIF into an AVI File?

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So you want to turn an animated GIF into an AVI file. GIF means Graphics Interchange Format developed by CompuServe Cor. in 1987.It is a standard format to compress images with monotone color and clear details. GIF image file data is compressed with variable length compression algorithm, so it could support up to 256 colors. GIF includes two types: static GIF and animated GIF. Both of them support transparent background images and applicable to multiple operating systems. “size” small, online animation are many small GIF format. Animated GIF files are similar to old-style cartoons; essentially they are a series of pictures that are put in sequence to look like a movie.

AVI files are the standard for computer video files; they are very large and uncompressed, so they get the best possible resolution. AVIs can be used to create DVDs and can be converted to smaller files such as WMVs for uploading to YouTube.

How to Convert an Animated GIF to AVI with GIF to AVI Converter?

Step 1: Download a UFUSoft GIF to AVI converter, such as the UFUSoft HD Video Converter. If you want to convert GIFs to AVI on Mac, please using Mac GIFs to AVI Converer.

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Step 2: Install the GIF to AVI converter. Double click on the EXE file and click “Run”. Agree to the terms of service, select a destination directory and program folder, then click “Install”. Click “Finish” to launch the program file.

Step 3: Create a new project. Click the “Add Files” icon, browse for the animated GIF file and click “Open”. Click “Output Format” at the bottom of the program and select “Common Video > AVI video format (*.avi)”. Click “Browse” to choose an output directory.

Step 4: Convert the GIF file to AVI. Click the green “Convert” icon at the top of the screen. Go to the output directory to open and view the file. Then you can import or load the GIFs to Windows Media Player for playing or Movie Maker for editing.

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